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In many ways, St. John's is typical of a downtown "Episcopal parish" - and in other ways, unique and distinctly called by God in discipleship. 

St. John’s is a parish in the Diocese of Northern Indiana of the Episcopal Church and a member of the worldwide Anglican Communion, the third largest global Christian body.

From this Anglican tradition, St. John’s uses The Book of Common Prayer (more commonly referred to as the “Prayer Book” or the BCP) to express both our beliefs and worship based on Holy Scriptures.

We affirm Holy Scriptures as “God inspired,” that “God still speaks to us through the Bible,” and that, “the Holy Spirit guides the Church in the true interpretation of Scriptures” (BCP p. 853-854).

We also confess that the Church is one, holy, catholic, and apostolic - the community of the New Covenant charged to administer Word, Sacraments, and Christ’s mission to all people. We are the Body of Christ, called to build up God's Kingdom. We are joined in mission with neighboring Episcopal and community churches in this charge.

As such, discipleship at St. John's is essential. Being formed through the witness of God's love -- whether through renewal or outreach ministries -- is at the heart of discipleship. Leaders are deeply formed in faith to further future disciples in community.

Sunday renewal and formation is typically offered at 9 a.m. (September through May), including Sunday School, Adult Classes, and Choir rehearsal.  There are additional renewal, catechetical, and worship opportunities  - please go to Events or Calendar below.  

St. John's offers several missionary outreach opportunities, including the St. John's Food Pantry and the Outreach Committee.  The St. John's Food Pantry is the largest pantry in downtown Elkhart, typically serving 100+ families a week.  The Outreach Committee engages in neighborhood support, including a back-to-school backpack supply drive and national to global support, including sponsoring children in our companion Diocese of Honduras. There are a variety of ways to be activity in your discipleship at St. John's.