Margie Paulen

Senior Warden, 2019

The Senior Warden provides advisory leadership, vision, and decorum, often working closely with the Pastor in planning.  A vital part of the Senior Warden's ministry is praying regularly for the ministry of the church and for the Pastor.

Dennis Beardall


Junior Warden, 2019

The Junior Ward oversees the upkeep of the building and property and chairs the Building and Property Committee.  He also meets regularly with the Senior Ward and the Pastor to review the repair needs and upkeep.  A vital part of the ministry of the Junior Warden is to pray for the stewardship of the congregation and for the leadership.

Fran Meckley, 2019

Clerk of the Vestry

The Clerk of the Vestry is not a voting member of the Vestry but maintains minutes and records of the meetings.  The Clerk also maintains minutes of the Annual Meeting.  A vital part of the ministry of the Clerk is to pray for the congregation and leadership in fulfilling the mission of the church.


Beth Nellist, 2019

Treasurer of Operations

The Treasurer of Operations oversees recording income and expenses of the congregation and reports the information to the Vestry.   A vital part of the Treasurer of Operations ministry is to pray for the stewardship of the congregation.


Jim Burkert, 2019

Treasurer of Foundation

The Treasurer of Foundation oversees investments, reporting to the Vestry and works with the Treasurer of Operations.  A vital part of the ministry of the Treasurer of Foundation is  praying for overall ministry of finances. 


Katie Meyer, 2017-2020

Vestry Member

Katie is a Sunday School teacher sharing faith with our pre-teens and teenagers.  She is lector and sings for worship.


Judy Robinson, 2018-2020

Vestry Member

Judy is a faithful minister for our food pantry.  She assists in checking in clients and sharing information.  Judy serves on the Altar Guild preparing our worship space for Sunday morning services.



Louann Smith, 2018-2021

Vestry Member

Louann taught Sunday School for years.  She is a lector and Chalice Bearer for worship.


Beth Hall, 2018, 2021

 Vestry Member

Beth is a Master crocheter and crochets shawls for St. John's Prayer Shawl Ministry.  She also makes hats and mittens for families in our community.  Beth volunteers at the Elkhart County Humane Society.


Betty Loomis, 2018-2021


Vestry Member

Betty is an usher and serves during our fellowship time after worship. She recently wrote a grant request for the church in order to revitalize our stained glass windows.


Chris Renner, 2019-2022

Vestry Member

Chris is in charge of our groundskeeping outside. He volunteers with the Food Pantry and helps with candles in the sanctuary. 


Charlie Goethals, 2019-2022

 Vestry Member

Charlie is a reader in worship and an usher. He is in charge of the Food Pantry.


Steve Cash, 2019-2022

Vestry Member

 Steve helps with Sunday School and with preparing for events.


Rob Wenger, 2018-2021


Vestry Member

Rob served as the Clerk of the Vestry prior to election to the Vestry.  He serves on the Outreach Committee and assists in St. John's fundraisers of Soup Sales and Cheese Ball Sales.