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Children's Choir!



This Advent season, our cantor Sarah Noone and I will be starting a children’s choir here at St. John’s! Why start a children’s choir? Singing in choir is a wonderful way to form musicians through music, faith, and community! There are numerous benefits to choral singing experience which are also invaluable to a child’s overall education! These benefits include developing music reading and singing skills, learning the heritage of their faith through music, stronger language development, and better memory recall! In addition, children become part of centuries of choristers singing and praying their faith! Not only do children’s choirs help to form musicians and singers, but they also help to form the future of the Christian faith!


The children’s choir will prepare a short anthem for the Christmas Eve Children’s Mass!  On Sunday, November 30th we began rehearsing for 1/2 hour in the upstairs of the church.  All children ages 6+ are welcome! No previous experience necessary! If you have any questions, please call the music director at 419-908-5900 or email at!